Amal Kiran Jana

Amal Kiran Jana is a young designer born in India; he completed his masters in accessories from Domus Academy, Milan, Italy in 2011 with a distinction. Earlier, he studied in NIFT, Kolkata, India specialized in leather design and deals with several brands like Modalu, Mathew Williamson, Fergi & Tous.

Since Fall 2011 he started to develop his first collection Subliminal Entitiy and thereafter collaborated with different companies to develop the later collections.In May 2013 he started collaboration with WMATY, Italy designing and conceptualizing the SS 14 collection of accessory.

He has successfully exhibited his work in DA masters exhibition, Milan , showroom the-co private exhibition during Milan fashion week, Nerospinto design week at Salone del mobile, Milan and FIBIT, tallinn. Being from the family of painters, he has developed a core interest towards the creative field. A deep merge between art and fashion, a conceptual and philosophical refection is seen in Amal's pathway.

He has a strong imaginative strength and always like to build an atmosphere around his work, this is his identical way to invite the clientele into his world. One will always get a feeling of deep research, intellectuality and an atmosphere of noir & surrealistic, gazing at his works. Looking deep within, Amal feels there are many questions to unfold in this sublime life. Thus, there will be a quest and you will always find something new.



After studying fashion and design at College LaSalle, Nargisse E. Akyuz started to develop her own designs. Within two years, she launched her own clothing label and opened a boutique that featured her very first collection.


She decided to run the boutique herself, knowing that the daily interaction with customers would inspire her to create new designs that would get women talking. In 2008, she expanded her distribution network and threwherself into the world of exports. As a result, nisse collections started making their way to select retailers in major cities of Canada, New Zealand and Turkey.


Attention to detail: a philosophy Nargisse draws inspiration from the modern woman, designing head-turning clothes that combine classic style with a dash of daring. The chic and feminine universe of nisse proposes an essential choice of garments, combining an impeccable tailoring and sexy femininity. Creations meant to instantly improve your wardrobe, from opulent cuts, cutting-edge blazers, pretty seductive dresses adorned with sumptuous fabric, the audacity of unexpected detailing and combinations deserve more than a quick glance.

Nisse's new collection will be available at FIER showroom during Berlin Fashion Week. For an appointment, email 


Senhor Prudencio

Senhor PRUDÊNCIO is a 100% Portuguese brand. The brand stands for the values and quality of the Portuguese shoemakers of the 50s combined with the design of today.


Senhor PRUDÊNCIO focuses on footwear and accessories with two collections a year and smaller limited collections. The label has won the British Council Youth Creative Entrepreneur Award and is supported by the European Capital of Culture.


Vibe Johansson

Vibe Johansson designs geometric garments interacting seamlessly with our anatomy. Defiant yet controlled, each piece underlines a desire for effeminate expressions and lasting elegant composure.

Each collection is a curated reflection on our contemporary zeitgeist. Seasons appear as emblematic presentations of re-interpreted shapes, textures and materials.

Elements of fluidity appear composed, appraised and sculpted. Rigid shapes are elongated and subjected to textural play. Vibe Johansson researches the female silhouette, challenging simplicity through innovation. Muted lines, colours and fabrics are subjected to the premises of functionality, a functionality expressed here in the versatility of wardrobe essentials.


FIER showroom AW15/16


The next edition of FIER showroom, the Berlin-based designer showroom focused on unconventional, yet wearable clothing, takes place between January 19 and 25, 2015 during Berlin Fashion Week AW15/16. FIER showroom can be visited at Katzbachstrasse 21,10965, Berlin by appointment only between 11am and 7pm.

The range of designers is an international handpicked selection from Europe: Vibe Johansson (womenswear), Nisse (womenswear), Amal Kiran Jana (Women's Bags), Senhor Prudencio (Men's Shoes and Accessories).

Vibe Johansson
Vibe Johansson
Amal Kiran Jana
Amal Kiran Jana
Senhor Prudencio
Senhor Prudencio

Following FIER showroom, the collections will travel through Germany to visit handpicked retailers and will be available in several stores across Germany.


FIER showroom was born out of the need for designers to enter the German market and be represented for sales in Germany. “Designers find themselves having to make important business decisions in order to grow their labels. With FIER showroom we aim to give them a personalised approach to an unfamiliar, yet promising market” - states Lisa Filippini, co-founder of FIER management.


HOPE - Photoshoot

Styling: Hope

Photography: Anna Ziegler

Styling: Lisa Filippini

Make-up: Catrin von Pabrutzki

Special thanks: Agency V

FIER vitrine - impressions

Vasso Consola (Greece)

Originally from Crete, Vasso does not follow fashion trends, and believes that originality and uniqueness emphasises the personality of the wearer. Her style is characterized by the ability to create elaborate textures.


Her first Origami head piece collection consists of eight head pieces inspired by traditional origami shapes with the exception of the shell and the spiral, which are variations of the Tomoko Fuse originals. In her 15 years of experience, she has been nominated top knitwear designer in Greece, was one of the founding member of the Hellenic Fashion Designer Association, and presented for several years at Athens Fashion Week.

Laura Galati (Australia)

Laura is an emerging designer and creative practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia. She is currently completing her graduate year of Bachelor of Design (fashion)(honours) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.


Laura exemplifies a strong emphasis on structure and its materiality. This is influenced by a keen interest in the structural properties of different materials and their potential to create architectural forms around the body.


Maja Daphne Holzborn (Germany)

Maja Daphne Holzborn is a Hamburg-based designer specialised in art inspired mini collections divided into exclusive showpieces and hand-drawn digital refined prints. This season her collection is called Chymetika capturing the spirit of medieval alchemy and myths.


She has presented in both finals of the Designer Fashion Grand Prix (Tokyo) and Mittelmoda The Fashion Award (Italy), and has been awarded with the Wilhelm Lorch Foundation Award.


Också (Brazil)

Originally from Brazil, Också is inspired by the need for adventure, which is then transformed into unique aesthetics. The name comes from Swedish and translates as being driven to contribute.


This push represents a constant search for the new, leaving old customs aside to deliver smart and forward-looking garments.



Ruins of Modernity (Austria)

Maria Steiner is the designer behind the Vienna-based label RUINS OF MODERNITY. The label stands for a confident woman with a clear vision of herself.


Her collection is based on strong architectural shapes juxtaposed with detached minimalistic elegance. Maria has presented internationally, including several times at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week, in New York with the Austrian Cultural Forum (and in Paris).


Laura Banfield (Australia)

Laura Banfield is a creative practitioner currently studying at RMIT University, Melbourne. She is completing her final year of Bachelor of Design (Fashion) (Honours).


Laura has participated in internships, exhibitions and runway events in Melbourne and is among the highest achieving students at RMIT University. She is looking to exhibit her work internationally international setting.


Karin Brettmeister (Germany)

Karin Brettmeister is an award-winning label based in Munich. She graduated in fashion design and pattern making from the International Fashion School Esmod, then worked as a designer in a well-known couture house in New York, before going on to found her made-to-order label in 2014. The line’s signature fuses loose and modern yet feminine cuts with interestingly crafted surfaces.


The hand-made pieces are fresh and provocative, playing with couture detailing, sportswear influences and mainly recycled or organic fabrics.


Alexandra Hackett (Australia)

Alexandra Louise Champion Hackett is a creative practitioner recognised for transforming existing materials into new ideas. She creates wearable garments and accessories that aesthetically and technically re-explore sportswear.


Alexandra is graduating with BA of Design (Fashion) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2014, has been awarded the RMIT Fashion Academic Achievement Award in 2011, and was amongst the finalists for the Forever New Scholarship 2013.


40 DECIBELS (Canada)


Franz Patrick is a Vancouver-based designer. His work reimagines garments aimed at questioning the traditional system of trends. He believes that style outlives trends and that mending the rules sets him apart from what is conventionally accepted.



FIER vitrine SS15 - Designer Exhibition Party

With Berlin Fashion Week only a few weeks away, we are gearing up to the next edition of FIER vitrine - Designer Exhibition Party. This season we'll be presenting 10 designers from different corners of the world (Australia, Eruope, North and South America) exclusively in Berlin with us during Berlin Fashion Week.


Over 500 selected guests of the Berlin creative scene, including journalists, photographers, stylists and video makers attend the designer exhibition party.


The event takes place on July 08, 2014 during Berlin Fashion Week at Lehrter Siebzehn (Lehrterstr. 17, 3 Floor, Courtyard, 10557, Berlin). Doors open at 19:00 and close at midnight, free entrance. RSVP advised to ensure entrance via the event’s page. Our transportation partner UBER offers safe and stylish rides to and from our event. Download the UBER app, enter the "BFASHION" promo code to get 20 Euros off your first ride.


This edition will feature: 


40 DECIBELS (Canada), Alexandra Hackett (Australia), Karin Brettmeister (Germany), Laura Banfield (Australia), Laura Galati (Australia), Maja Daphne-Holzborn (Germany), Ocksa (Brazil), Ruins of Modernity (Austria), Senhor Prudencio (Portugal), Vasso Consola (Greece)


Over the next two weeks we'll give you a close-up of our designers one by one on our blog. Stay tuned!

Behind the scenes - Hope Editorial

Berlin fashion Film Festival - gearing up to a new edition

Berlin Fashion Week may be over, but that doesn't mean much to us. After the success of this year's FIER vitrine, with a turn up of more than 600 guests, including press, buyers, stylists and aficionados of the fashion industry, what lies ahead of us is our sales trip which will cover most of Germany and Paris (and which we'll be covering here over the next few weeks step by step), and the Berlin fashion Film Festival launch.


Just last last week, the Berlin fashion Film Festival opened submissions for its 2014 edition.  But that's not all. We are also presenting our 2013 programme in Madrid this weekend at the Museo del Traje in Madrid, and we'll be part of this year's Berlinale through the premiere of Martin Monk's new fashion film AWAKE.


The two events represent two differents types of expansion: on one hand by presenting our programme in Madrid we are giving a tangible example of how our screening can be effortlessly set up and distributed across different cities and countries, and on the other hand by being part of the Berlinale we are giving a clear sign that Fashion Film is something that involves films as much as fashion, and is appreciated by both industries.


Over the course of the next few weeks we'll be giving focused updates of the BfFF on the Berlin fashion Film Festival blog; make sure you check it regularly!

Piovra - Berlin Fashion Film Festival Madrid

FIER vitrine AW14/15 - Impressions

Sasha Kanevski @ FIER vitrine

Sasha Kanevski from Kiev, Ukraine, founded his eponymous brand in 2010. In the same year he started showing his women- and menswear collections at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, the international Kiev fashion week, quickly gaining a cult following among the local fashion crowds.


Praised by both local and international press, sasha.kanevski has established itself as one of the strongest independent fashion labels in the country. sasha.kanevski collections are defined by strong, sharp tailoring fused with smart functionality – anatomical cuts, transformable details and high-tech materials are at the core of the brand’s bold urbanistic designs drawn from the cultural phenomena of the modern society.


sasha.kanevski’s international expansion began in June 2012 with a catwalk show during the Fashionclash festival in Maastricht, Netherlands. Month later Sasha held a showroom presentation during Berlin Fashion Week with FIER management and has become a regular ever since. In February 2013 the AW14 collection was showcased at London Fashion Week’s Fashion Scout platform, followed in April by a guest appearance with a catwalk show during Aurora Fashion Week in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Over the years, sasha.kanevski collections were covered, among others, by Vogue Italia (IT), (RU), Vogue Ukraine (UA), (FR), Refinery29 (USA), PIG magazine (IT), Sleek Mag (DE), NOT JUST A LABEL (UK) and Kaltblut Magazine (DE).


Check out Sasha Kanevski's performance at FIER vitrine!


Laurus by Olga Lavrinenko @ FIER vitrine

The label Mark Laurus was formed in 2010 by Olga Lavrinenko. Olga Lavrinenko explores the notions of minimalism and constructivism, with her main source of inspiration lying in architecture and interior design, and how they can be rediscovered through her unconventional use of textures, fabrics and materials.


Olga Lavrinenko graduated from St. Petersburg University of Technology and Design. In 2010, she launched her first collection Minimalism. Her collection Presentation was launched in 2011 and presented at Aurora Fashion Week in St. Petersburg. All her collection are selfmade, from sketch to finished items.


Check out the collection at FIER vitrine!

Keta Gutmane @ FIER vitrine

Keta Gutmane is a conceptual designer who uses fashion as a form of artistic expression. She views outfits as multifunctional objects, able to highlight topical issues, feelings and experiences. The designer’s activity ranges from clothing design to fashion short films and art installations.


Since finishing her studies in fashion design at the Art Academy of Latvia, Keta Gutmane has been creating her author collections, cooperating with other brands, and launching capsule collections. She has exhibited in France, Germany, the Netherlands, USA, Estonia and Russia. She is always on the look out for new opportunities within the fashion world and collaborations with other interdisciplinary projects and artists. Keta lives and works in Riga, Latvia.


View her collection at FIER vitrine!


Julia Theobalt @ FIER vitrine

After 3.5 years of exhibiting and studying Fine Art at the VCA,in Melbourne, Australia, Julia now lives and works in Berlin, Germany, where she is currently completing her degree in Product Design.


Theobalt currently uses reflective materials, light and painting to investigate the ideas around Hard Edge Abstraction with Pop, Minimalism and Installation practices. Spatial elements and geometric forms are brought together in her different works to address the relationship between three and two-dimensional shapes.The resulting works seek negotiation between viewer, artwork and architectural space.


Check out her collection at FIER vitrine!


I'VR ISABEL VOLLRATH in collaboration with Pecora NERA by Mariagrazia Merola @ FIER vitrine

Vollrath is in constant contact with representatives of the independent art scene. Her work is in fact more than clothing, as what she creates can be defined as three-dimensional drawings, human sculptures, or simply her form of artistic expression. Vollrath's designs feature couture and fashion in the shape of objects of art, merging history with sculptural, avant-garde, and futuristic styles. Her signature lies in abstract pieces, yet still able to caress the female figure. Her collection Animal Requiem, couture handcrafted to perfection, sways between upcycling and high-tech, with thick wool fabrics alternated with eye-catching prints and graphic patterns on a wide range of materials, including leather, silk, cotton gauze and tulle.


Pecora NERA is an accessories label founded by Mariagrazia Merola. Its range includes bags, purses, belts and necklaces, all recycled and upcycled by hand. Each piece is unique, made of rubber that is selected, washed and dried sustainably, then designed and moulded into customised designs.


Mariagrazia Merola graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli 2007. She currently works at the Cooperativa Sociale Effeto Rete, which she co-founded, and is the design brain behind the label Pecora NERA founded in 2012.


I'VR ISABEL VOLLRATH will be performing at FIER vitrine, RSVP now!


Photography by Petra Fantozzi


Josie Chen Range @ FIER vitrine

Rebellious, edgy and inimitable, Josie Chen’s range of accessories was first created in 2010 by Joanne Swift. Industrial, edgy and unique, Josie Chen Range of accessories is guaranteed to make any girl stand out from the crowd. Designed with attitude and inspiration from diverse cultures, it reflects the independent punk rock attitude of today’s young fashionistas whilst remaining stylish, chic and on trend.


Originally from the UK, Joanne traveled around the world but instantly fell in love with Asia. After deciding to study fine arts and textile design in Japan, she finally settled in Shanghai. Each handmade piece is designed with inspiration from diverse cultures, music, art and fashion, whilst remaining true to the brand’s defiant, rock –chick attitude that reflects the confidence and style of today’s independent women and men.


Check out the collections at FIER vitrine!


EOS berlin @ FIER vitrine AW14/15

Founded in 2010 by fashion designer Nora Fiege, the brand designs highly wearable pieces of hand-crafted jewellery with unexpected features. In her innovative creations Nora uses a laser-cut high-visibility-fabric which she combines with silver and different textile techniques. Looking clean and discreet by day, her lightweight designs magically light up by night, challenging both the beholder’s and the wearer’s senses.


Nora Fiege was born in Berlin in 1981. After studying fashion and textile design in Berlin and Norway she graduated from the renowned Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee with her master degree in fashion design in 2010. Her jewellery label “EOS Light Jewellery” was founded in the same year. Nora lives and works in Berlin.


Check out EOS Berlin live at FIER vitrine. RSVP now.


Elise Ballegeer @ FIER vitrine AW14/15

Elise Ballegeer’s premier capsule collections create elegant reinterpretations of the essentials of women’s fashion. Combining high-quality, natural and sustainable materials with the finest craftsmanship, Elise Ballegeer’s signature is clean and understated apparel promoting sustainable growth and social responsibility. All of the garments are made in Berlin.


Elise Ballegeer founded her namesake brand in Berlin in 2012. She currently lives and works in Berlin to fulfil her unique vision with total independence. She has worked with and consulted for top fashion firms in New York, including Proenza Schouler, Zac Posen, and Calvin Klein Collection. She earned her BFA in Apparel at the Rhode Island School of Design [RISD].


Want to see the collection live? RSVP now for FIER vitrine


FIER management - a new website and a clear focus

After three years of events, ideas and uncertainty as to where we were heading, we have found our path. When we first started in 2010, many told us that they didn't exactly know what we were doing. As a matter of fact we didn't know ourselves, we just knew that there was potential and we had to try out a few things.


We are now at a point where we understand what is needed and expected from us. FIER management will focus on three areas: we will provide a professional window for talented emerging designers to present their work inexpensively through FIER vitrine, we will represent selected designers as sales agents across Germany, and we will continue producing the Berlin fashion Film Festival.


Every hit has made us a little tougher, and every success encouraged us to push forward. We'll be logging our journey on this blog, so that other entrepreneurs  looking to develop and explore their ideas may learn from this, avoid making our mistakes, and thus grow faster than we have.