After studying fashion and design at College LaSalle, Nargisse E. Akyuz started to develop her own designs. Within two years, she launched her own clothing label and opened a boutique that featured her very first collection.


She decided to run the boutique herself, knowing that the daily interaction with customers would inspire her to create new designs that would get women talking. In 2008, she expanded her distribution network and threwherself into the world of exports. As a result, nisse collections started making their way to select retailers in major cities of Canada, New Zealand and Turkey.


Attention to detail: a philosophy Nargisse draws inspiration from the modern woman, designing head-turning clothes that combine classic style with a dash of daring. The chic and feminine universe of nisse proposes an essential choice of garments, combining an impeccable tailoring and sexy femininity. Creations meant to instantly improve your wardrobe, from opulent cuts, cutting-edge blazers, pretty seductive dresses adorned with sumptuous fabric, the audacity of unexpected detailing and combinations deserve more than a quick glance.

Nisse's new collection will be available at FIER showroom during Berlin Fashion Week. For an appointment, email 

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