Amal Kiran Jana

Amal Kiran Jana is a young designer born in India; he completed his masters in accessories from Domus Academy, Milan, Italy in 2011 with a distinction. Earlier, he studied in NIFT, Kolkata, India specialized in leather design and deals with several brands like Modalu, Mathew Williamson, Fergi & Tous.

Since Fall 2011 he started to develop his first collection Subliminal Entitiy and thereafter collaborated with different companies to develop the later collections.In May 2013 he started collaboration with WMATY, Italy designing and conceptualizing the SS 14 collection of accessory.

He has successfully exhibited his work in DA masters exhibition, Milan , showroom the-co private exhibition during Milan fashion week, Nerospinto design week at Salone del mobile, Milan and FIBIT, tallinn. Being from the family of painters, he has developed a core interest towards the creative field. A deep merge between art and fashion, a conceptual and philosophical refection is seen in Amal's pathway.

He has a strong imaginative strength and always like to build an atmosphere around his work, this is his identical way to invite the clientele into his world. One will always get a feeling of deep research, intellectuality and an atmosphere of noir & surrealistic, gazing at his works. Looking deep within, Amal feels there are many questions to unfold in this sublime life. Thus, there will be a quest and you will always find something new.

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