FIER management - a new website and a clear focus

After three years of events, ideas and uncertainty as to where we were heading, we have found our path. When we first started in 2010, many told us that they didn't exactly know what we were doing. As a matter of fact we didn't know ourselves, we just knew that there was potential and we had to try out a few things.


We are now at a point where we understand what is needed and expected from us. FIER management will focus on three areas: we will provide a professional window for talented emerging designers to present their work inexpensively through FIER vitrine, we will represent selected designers as sales agents across Germany, and we will continue producing the Berlin fashion Film Festival.


Every hit has made us a little tougher, and every success encouraged us to push forward. We'll be logging our journey on this blog, so that other entrepreneurs  looking to develop and explore their ideas may learn from this, avoid making our mistakes, and thus grow faster than we have.


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